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The paper “The Revolution in Russia” looks at the revolution in Russia that took place in nineteen seventeen, which is famously referred to as the Bolshevik revolution with some quarters preferring to call it the October Revolution. Two revolutions occurred in Russia in 1917…
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The Revolution in Russia
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Download file to see previous pages The revolution in Russia that occurred in 1917 has a central place in the history of the world as well, the history of states that fall within the league of Baltic nations. These constitute Lithuania and Latvia as well as Estonia. The people of the Baltic nations also played a central role in the revolution of 1917, with significant stress on the Bolsheviks in Latvia, who primarily constituted a significant majority of the famous Red Guards that made it their duty to take side with the Bolsheviks in Russia which was absolutely critical at the initial times of the revolution.
In the earlier revolution periods in 1905, which was the pioneer revolution in Russia, peasants that were scattered all over the Baltic states took advantage of the Russian Revolution to aggress against their leaders. At given varied moments in history, peasants from Latvia as well as Estonia had been under the rule of the Tsarist regime in Russia, the Swedish kingdom as well as the nobility in German. Peasants in Lithuania had been under the rule of Russia and prior to that, the Kingdom of Poland (1569-1791). The peasants in the ruling states took advantage of the revolution in Russia to control their destiny in their respective states by agitating for the establishment of self-rule. Despite this fact, the revolution did not lead to immediate independence as they had to wait until the period ranging from 1918-1940 for independence.
The people that formed the citizenry of Baltic States which primarily are present Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia, had been under the manacles of serfdom that characterized their existence from periods that traced back from the twelfth century to the entire 19th century. The Baltic region has in history formed ground for confrontation. The most notable of its rulers were the nobility in Germany as well as Poland, Sweden as well as the Tsarist regime in Russia.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Revolution in Russia Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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