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The Russian revolution took place in the year 1917.It led to the destruction of the Tsarist autocracy rule and paved way for the creation of the Soviet Union. The revolution went through two revolutions namely the February Revolution, which took place in March 1917 and the…
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Russian Revolution
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Download file to see previous pages The decision to end the demonstrations by resignation of the Tsar’s was made by the Duma, which was the Russian legislature from 1905 to 1917. The reason why the Duma requested for Tsar’s resignation is because they wanted his son to take over power and rule.
The October Revolution of November 1917 took place in St Petersburg. Workers’ Soviets and the Bolshevik Party planned a coup to overthrow the Provisional Government in St Petersburg. The main aim of the October revolution was to seize power from the Provisional Government and replace the monarchy rule and make Russia a communist state. After the Bolshevik and the Vladimir Lenin took over power in the October Revolution, they allowed for elections to be conducted, but they later on changed their minds after they got less than twenty five percent votes in the elections. The collapse of the Russian monarchy government and the Provisional Government made the government to be perceived as weak and incompetent. During the February Revolution the military was summoned, but contrary to the expectations by the Tsar, the military refused to follow the orders and instead ended up fighting the police.1
World War 1 was a major factor that led to the Russian revolution in 1917.Due to the war, there was a high increase in the number of soldiers that were needed to go and join the war. Young men and horses that were used in the farms were taken leading to the decrease in the number of outputs in the forums. Due to this, the standard of living was damaged and the peasants were not happy about the decision Tsar had made to join the war. Productive farms in Russia found most of their labourers taken out to join the war. Moreover, inflation occurred and most of the peasants could not afford to buy expensive goods.
Workers in the cities could not get good jobs that could give them a better pay. When these workers tried to agitate for better pay, they were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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