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The Medieval Age - Essay Example

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The writer of the paper "The Medieval Age" discusses two different forms of landholding systems practiced commonly during the medieval times Feudalism and Manorialism. It also gives information about wars of Christians against Muslims in getting their holy land back called the crusades…
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The Medieval Age
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Extract of sample "The Medieval Age"

Download file to see previous pages This made the Nobles rebel against the crown often, as they controlled their own local armies. In Manorialism, the 1000’s of acres which belonged to the manor was owned entirely by the nobles. They had complete administrative control over the areas. But, the military power lay entirely with the king preventing Noble's ability to revolt against their lords. Manorialism gave more freedom to the peasants, serfs and the nobles ruling them. They were freed from the duty of guarding their territories fiercely and started to concentrate on developing the areas assigned to them. This system functioned pretty much the same way as the modern governments do.
The Last Crusade and the fall of the Acre
Venice and Genoa both flourished in trade from 1010. The first crusade started with an emotive appeal from the pope on November 27, 1095. Christians from all over the Europe joined together and waged a war against Muslims in getting their holy land back. This is seen as a .attempt by the church to sustain papal control over the mass. However, the first crusade ended successfully with Antioch being captured and King Bohemund of Southern Italy and his descendants becoming its rules for the next two centuries. He encouraged the Italians to establish trade connections with Egypt through Antioch. Venice was the first state to establish trade contacts with Egypt a. They met the Egyptian merchants bringing spices from the South Asia near the Red sea, collected their goods and sold it for huge profit in the Europe. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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