Medieval ages and Modern time - Essay Example

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More so, the cultures, values, religions and social life characters may be eroded and forgotten, but there are those certain traits in the modern society that can be traced from the ancient times. The…
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Medieval ages and Modern time
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Download file to see previous pages However, the period laid most of the foundation in modern time professions and beliefs that still persists in most rural and indigenous societies around the globe.
Among the trained people who defended the medieval societies were archers, foot soldiers, and the most explicit group referred as the knights. The knights were ranked the richest of all soldiers in the time, and were equipped with more expertise than others. Any knight had to pass through a session of training, and could only become one through his valor prior or after battles, or if he was a son of a noble family (“Becoming a knight,” This selection criterion is quite different in the modern society for individuals desiring to pursue military. Of course, it did prevent individuals in the society who would have liked to be come one, but since they were not from noble families or could not express their courage, they missed out the chance. The knights dressing code was rather heavy and uncomfortable especially under the hot sun. Apart from their linen shirt and a pair of pants, they wore woolen pads underneath the metal ringed tunic, which was later replaced with metal plates, covering most of their body parts (“The Medieval knight,” They highly used swords, knives and spears as defense weapons and held tournaments to exercise their loyalty in service while acting as mock battles in front of audience. Basically the knight was purposefully skilled to protect his lord and the castle against external attacks more than the entire society.
In the modern society, military selection is open for individuals who qualify to a certain level, without being biased to social status not unless the system is corrupt, it doe not matter whether one comes from poor or rich background, but the procedure follows strictly and individuals who qualify can specialize in the profession. The purpose for the military is to serve the area of jurisdiction by ensuring its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Medieval Ages and Modern Time Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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