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Sword Manufacturing of the Early, High, and Late Medieval Period - Essay Example

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This period was further divided into three parts. the early medieval period, which lasted from 500 AD to 1000 AD, the high medieval period between 1000AD to 1300AD and the late…
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Sword Manufacturing of the Early, High, and Late Medieval Period
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"Sword Manufacturing of the Early, High, and Late Medieval Period"

Download file to see previous pages This symbolic importance was even shown in the Medieval swords design as the cross guard was framed over the handle of the sword to resemble a Christian cross. This gave the Knight the privilege to utilize the sword to protect the Christian religion. Medieval swords additionally highlighted some type of engravings. The engravings on Medieval Swords could incorporate the sword owners name and prayers to God. Engravings could likewise be simply decorations.
Enhanced sword designs occurred around 1,300 and 1,500 A.D. Striking inventive sword designs had a longer grip, which permitted swordsmen to utilize two hands in battle. Long swords began to be generally utilized during the Late Middle Ages. The fame of the long sword developed because of enhanced functionality in cutting and thrusting as well as its far reaching ability (Wigelsworth, 2006).
Sword smiths in northern Europe found a strategy for sword making whereby different bits of iron as well as steel bars of diverse hardness were joined by bending and folding them together. This was the method used in Europe during the early middle Ages. The capacity to work metal along these lines to make high quality swords depended on the quality of the metal used. This process was quite long and the sword smiths could take a substantial amount of time before completing one sword. This meant that the production of swords was quite slow
According to Nelson & Theuws (2000), high middle age was a period of great innovation in sword making. It is during this period that sword smiths tried out different processes to acquire the best raw materials for sword making. During this period, the sword smith got to understand the processes of acquiring high quality swords without using unnecessary processes. It is during this period that the production of swords began to increase.
During the late middle age, the sword smiths had perfected their skills in sword making and were aware of the important processes needed to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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