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Ragamuffin War - Essay Example

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It was took place for ten years from around 1835 and 1845. The war called in Portuguese Guerra dos Farrapos and commonly known in Brazil to date as revolução farroupilha. The war brought the country to a standstill; the…
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Ragamuffin War
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Extract of sample "Ragamuffin War"

Download file to see previous pages These two army generals succeeded in making the war big because of the support they got from Giuseppe Garibaldi who was an Italian fighter. The war ended came to ending on March 1, 1845 after there were negotiations that led to the signing of the Ponche Verde Treaty.
The Ragamuffin War was a big war that took place in the Brazilian Empire. The cause of the war was that there had risen a difference between the status of the economy in Rio Grande do Sul as opposed to the other states within the Brazilian Empire. The main issue with the economy was that there was an over focus on the internal market as opposed to the external market; this means that the income that came from the exports was relatively low. The internal market was going through hard times after the products that came from region faced much competition from commodities from outside the state, especially from Uruguay and Argentina, where dried and salted beef came from. The taxes imposed to the gauchos (the residents of Rio Grande do Sul) were relatively higher than that which was imposed in other states. The goods from the two highly competitive countries were tax free, an aspect that forced the local goods to suffer a big blow.
The outburst of the war came immediately after a presidential election. In the elections held the same year the war began, Antonio Rodrigues Braga was elected the president of the Rio Grande do Sul. As expected by many, the president would make changes that would see that the state benefit more from its production after the heightened competition from products outside the state. Despite being impressive in the first days of his appointment, he began having resistance from the farming community. The perceived unfairness in trade caused general Bento Goncalves to initiate a revolution that would see the overturning of the government. This took place in September of 1935, where the General took captive of Porto Alegre and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ragamuffin War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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