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The different types of art include visual projections, paintings, drawing and photography among other. Different pieces of art are in most instances reserved…
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Book: Art through the Ages 3rd Edition
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Art through the Ages 3rd Edition The Parnassus Art is indeed comprises a range of human activities thatplay a substantive role in tracing certain origins of humanism. The different types of art include visual projections, paintings, drawing and photography among other. Different pieces of art are in most instances reserved to preserve various occurrences. In this paper, a focus is made on art through the ages in the third edition in museums. Based on such a perspective, this paper analyses The Parnassus, one piece of art in the museum.
The Parnassus is a piece of art painting by Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, in the year 1511. The particular piece of painting is a magnificent masterpiece of the Western world with the approximate dimensions of 670 cm in width of the Fresco type located in Apostolic Palace, Vatican City. The painting is placed in a leaning position from where it attracts attention of individuals that make entry into the room. In its leaning position, The Parnassus, is visible from a distance, an aspect that indeed makes it magnificent.
The Parnassus portrays an image in which a group of individuals congregate together; however, it is evident that each of the persons seems to be involved in different activities without any common goal or activity. There is a raised ground in which some people are standing while others are sited, with a door-like picture below the raised ground.
The main reason why the Parnassus is of great attraction is based on the aspect that the group of individuals are grouped together, yet each seems to be engaged in different activities, while others are portrayed as engaged in discussions with one another. One aspect that repels in the painting is that there are numerous messages that remain hidden, making the interpretation much difficult.
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