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A paper "The Crusades through Arab Eyes" outlines that scholars tend to focus on the wining force and ignore the perspective of the losing side. The Crusades, one of the influential events in European history, has always been studied from the point of view of Westerners…
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The Crusades through Arab Eyes
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Download file to see previous pages The book stands out among other books written on this subject, for it differs from other books in its focus. Majority of books have depicted the Crusades from the Western perspective. This book focuses on the Arab forces and their thoughts. The author begins the book by describing the fear that Franj troops created in the minds of Arab leaders. King Kilij Arslan was the first Arab King who was informed about the approach of Franj troops. “The King Kilij Arslan whom Ibn al-Qalanisi mentions here was not yet seventeen when their invader arrived. The first Muslim leader to be informed of their approach, but also the first to be routed by the formidable knights. The news of the invasion was received with fear, as Arslan was aware that the Franj troops brought ruin and destruction. The attitude of the Arab world towards Franj troops is depicted in the thoughts of Arslan. Although they were ignorant of their aims, they were sure that Franj troops were coming to harm them. Arslan represented the outlook of the Arab world towards Franj troops. “He immediately feared the worst. Naturally, he had no idea as to the real aims of these people, but in his view, nothing good could come of their arrival in the Orient.”. The Arab world viewed the Franj troops with distrust and fear. The book also sheds light on the conduct of Arabs and Franj troops during the Crusades. The Franj troops claimed that they followed the teachings of Christian but their behavior defied their claim. When the Franj troops seized any Arab city, they looted the region and killed the native people not even sparing women and children. When the Arab soldiers were detained by Franj troops, they decapitated them. This was in contrast to the conduct of the Arabs when they captured Franj soldiers.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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