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Anti-Islam discourse of Medieval Europe - Dissertation Example

Anti-Islam discourse of Medieval Europe

Islam emerged in Europe during this same era after the death of Prophet Muhammad. Islamic forces controlled major area of peninsula, which was also known as Al-Andalus now knowns as Spain and Portugal. Moors was the name given to medieval Muslims who came from Arab to Europe during that Era. The Muslims also invaded the holiest place for Christians called Jerusalem. A place where Jesus was born and held the highest of ranks in the eyes of Christians. This sparked an anti-Islamic movement in that era which leads to the formation of the Crusades. The Crusades served as a military force for the Pope. It consisted of both knights and common people who would fight for the church bearing the cross as a sign to show their involvement with the church. In 1095, Pop Urban II declared war against the Muslims invading Jerusalem and ended up capturing the Jihadi Muslims of that region at the expense of many precious lives of all men, women and children.
Although the Crusaders fought many of the Holy wars and helped the Catholics in many ways, there were certain people in Europe who considered them bad or the negatives. The crusaders were considered as people who just created more misery in the world with their continuous Holy wars. They were also thought to be undisciplined group of people who massacred and destroyed all the grounds they set foot on. This led to the origination of a movement called as the Orientalism.

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In Europe, the medieval period, also known as the middle age is the era between the 5th and the 15th century. The medieval period is also considered a revolutionary period by some because it consists of many events that lead to the modern Europe that we see today. …
Anti-Islam discourse of Medieval Europe
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