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Critical Review (Wattenberg, Martin P. Is Voting for Young People 3rd Edition (Great Questions in Politics Series). New York: Pearson Education, 2011) - Book Report/Review Example

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Martin Wattenberg pursues the possible reasons that lead to the occurrence of a pattern that young people do not vote as they should when it comes to voting (politics). Although most of the observations are based on the United States,…
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Critical Book Review (Wattenberg, Martin P. Is Voting for Young People 3rd Edition (Great Questions in Politics Series). New York: Pearson Education, 2011)
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Extract of sample "Critical Review (Wattenberg, Martin P. Is Voting for Young People 3rd Edition (Great Questions in Politics Series). New York: Pearson Education, 2011)"

Download file to see previous pages Currently, Wattenberg argues, the systems are made by old people and as such, the young people are kept from exploring their full potential in many contexts including politics. The following literature reviews the book, giving supportive evidence which led to his conclusions that the youth do not participate in such civic duties, in addition to his suggested solutions.
The main argument in the book makes sense that is, it is logical. Since times in memorial, the American young adult class has always set itself aside from political matters. This is evident first by comparing the number of political leaders who are young adults versus the “old” people. The obvious is that fewer youth are seen in the political screens. Additionally, and forming Wattenberg’s main argument, the youth shy away, or are ignorant when it comes to voting. This is chiefly so because they claim that their votes are meaningless, and that politics do not mean much to them. Throughout the evidence provided, the author does not seem to acknowledge any significant participation of youth in politics, creating some bias in presenting the opposing and proposing worldviews.
In the introductory chapters, Wattenberg states that with the advance of time, more and more youth are turning down voting (4). According to him, the biggest problem with youths is that they have the mentality that politicians do not perceive of their votes as being important, and therefore choose not to bother. This in turn creates a repelling reaction from the politicians who feel that since the youth do not value politics, then they have no mandate to accord them. This assertion is particularly open and true since many polls’ evaluation reveal that the young generation finds politics “boring’ and only for the elderly. Again, less youth vote in general elections. Wattenberg furthers his stance on the matter by incorporating more evidence derived from opinion polls.
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