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Are Disabled People Going To Be Winners Or Losers - Dissertation Example

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This paper "Are Disabled People Going To Be Winners Or Losers" discusses whether the White Paper really will do what the government claims. The first step, therefore, is to take a detailed look at the paper to understand what provisions it actually makes…
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Are Disabled People Going To Be Winners Or Losers
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Extract of sample "Are Disabled People Going To Be Winners Or Losers"

Download file to see previous pages This dissertation will, therefore, establish whether the White Paper will bring real benefits to the disabled or whether the concerns of organizations working for the disabled are actually well-founded.

People who are in work have better opportunities to improve their lives and consequently visit their GPs less often. Even their children and partners benefit. It gives many people self-esteem, companionship, and status.

The initial aim, therefore, is to investigate whether the provisions in the White Paper can theoretically deliver these benefits. This will provide an opportunity to identify any loopholes or gaps in the government’s plan.

The second aim is to then consider the objections to the paper and to establish whether there is any truth in these claims. There are a number of different objections and concerns and each will be taken in turn. The first objection is economic and divides into two parts. Firstly, critics argue that in current economic downturn governmental plans and ideas are unrealistic. They argue that employers do not consider it as their role to improve the health and well-being of their workforce, that there are no direct financial returns or tangible business benefits of employing people with health problems and that the disabled will be first out if the employer is facing financial difficulties. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Are Disabled People Going To Be Winners Or Losers Dissertation.
(Are Disabled People Going To Be Winners Or Losers Dissertation)
Are Disabled People Going To Be Winners Or Losers Dissertation.
“Are Disabled People Going To Be Winners Or Losers Dissertation”.
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