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In this piece of art, the dreaming child is seen to be Gauguin’s daughter. This piece of art is not concerned with the day to day…
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Were they Successful You be the judge
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The Little One Is Dreaming, Etude In this work done by Gauguin, it is clearly seen that he mostly used close surroundings around homes that have family pictures in them. In this piece of art, the dreaming child is seen to be Gauguin’s daughter. This piece of art is not concerned with the day to day insignificances of life; it is clearly seen to be concerned with the big human existence questions that are death and dreaming (Dorra, 2007).
In the background of the piece of art, an early example of Gaugin’s interest is seen. This is because he gives the decoration in the piece of art a symbolic meaning (Dorra, 2007). It is seen to be the hovering movements of the bird to and from its nest that can be linked for instance with the thoughts of the artist and the dream of the child. The separated, solidified doll in a clown’s costume that is viewed to be hanging on the bed in the forefront, with its strong expression and its central placing, is seen to be vital and significant detail in the art work (Dorra, 2007). It gives the art work a strange, almost an unpromising aspect providing a viewpoint for the dream of the child. This aspect is seen to be repeated from time to time in the art works of Gauguin.
In conclusion, as seen in this painting, Gauguin is seen to be successful in accomplishing his goals because he was mainly influenced by impressionism and was seen to be a symbolist. These are clearly seen as he uses a synthetic style and different colors in the painting. His paintings are seen to have inherent meanings and produced good art works which made him successful.
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Dorra, Henri. The symbolism of Paul Gauguin: exotica, and the great dilemmas of humanity. University of California Press, 2007. Read More
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