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In most cases the role model provides a definition of what you want to be in life or the level of success you want to achieve. According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, a role model is…
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Would you let this man be a role model for teenage boys
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Image Photo of Andre Romelle Young “Dr. Dre” Would you let this man be a role model for teenage boys? Introduction
In life, we all have role models or have had role models at one time or another. In most cases the role model provides a definition of what you want to be in life or the level of success you want to achieve. According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, a role model is “someone who another person admires and tries to be like’. As a parent, you will definitely like your children to have a successful person as their role model, and most teenagers would choose a role model in accordance to their hobbies.
Andre Romelle Young ‘Dr. Dre’ as a role model
Role models are important because they help people become what they want to be in life and inspire them to make a difference (Blanchard and Hodges, 42). If you have teenage boys, who like music or have a talent in music then they would probably have someone like Dr. Dre as their role model. The question is would you allow him to be a role model to teenage boys?
To help us answer this question, let us first look at Dr. Dre’s life and judge his values from his success and flaws. Currently, Dr. Dre is associated with a lot of success following his popularity in the music industry as a rapper, producer, and a businessperson. He has been labelled as hip-hop’s first billionaire having successfully signed a billion-dollar deal with Apple Inc. for the acquisition of “headphone maker and music-streaming service provider Beats Electronics” (Gittleson, par. 4).
On the negative side, Dr. Dre has had his share of flaws but most of them are associated with his past. Most of his problems with the law happened in the 1990s, including being arrested for battery of a police officer, involved in a high-speed chase while intoxicated, and assault on fellow producer Damon Thomas (A&E Television Networks).
Looking at the brief analysis of Dr. Dre’s values as a role model it is clear that he can be a good role model to teenage boys. His personal character has significantly changed over the years and so has his success. The two seem to have progressed synchronously, which can be used as a good learning point to teenage boys. The fact that his hard work has been a great contributor to his success can also be used as a motivator for teenage boys who would rather be inspired by his success than his flaws.
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