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Draw out Your Future - Essay Example

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This paper explores three behavioral developmental mechanism including the rational-motive model, the self-concept theory, and the reward/punishment model, suggested in the journal article "A Leadership's Guide to Why People Behave The Way They Do," written by James G. Clawson…
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Download file to see previous pages Robbin and Judge states that "companies that make themselves lean can be more agile, efficient, and productive-but only if they make cuts carefully and help employees through the process" (479). It means that an organization should consider internal reinforcements rather than external reinforcements because it is correlated with Clawson's argument on why people behave. Similarly, Clawson believes that the genetic endowment, the unfulfilled emotional holes and the human memes form one's personalities. As a result, Clawson comes up with the rational-emotive model, the reward and punishment model and the self-concept model as reinforcement mechanism designed for organizational structure.
Clawson finds one of internal reinforcements accordant with the rational-emotive model. This model claims that we could use events, perceptions and observations, set of values, assumptions, belief and expectation (VABEs) to influence oneself's own conclusion, lead to their emotions and end up with their projected behaviors. For example, an observed behavior results from an absorption of opinion leader's reaction to certain situation and the object act like "a leader's point of view" (Clawson). Moreover, affective events theory suggests "work events trigger positive or negative emotional reactions, to which employees' personalities and moods predispose them to respond with greater or lesser intensity (Robbins and Judge, 135). It drives to analysis that we could correct organizational behavior that a leader should show to complete task to employees. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Draw Out Your Future Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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