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In the beginning, the government was ruled by chieftains. As time passed, the chiefs advanced and became kings. As kings, their territories were considered kingdoms. Although the term used in referring to…
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World Civilization I
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World Civilization I The social structure of Vedic India had diverse important features. In the beginning, the government was ruled by chieftains. As time passed, the chiefs advanced and became kings. As kings, their territories were considered kingdoms. Although the term used in referring to chieftain was raja, it is evident that the early government of Vedas was clan based (Indian History 205). It was the clan based government that later became true government with not only taxes, but also bureaucracy. Although the small kingdoms ruled by kings shared many cultural principles, it is evident that they were widely separated; they had little contact with one another. There was also intimate association between the priests and the chieftains in Vedic India. In the society of Vedic India, there were also four major castes, that is, the Brahmins (priestly caste), the Ksatriyas (worrior caste), the Vaishyas (the farmer and tradesman caste), and the Shudras (servants and menial workers) (Indian History 205).
Just like in the Vedic India, the societies in the Southeast Asia had also some structural features that acted as centers for political and military authority. Additionally, it is evident that the societies in the Southeast Asia also expanded like the territories in Vedic India. This is evidenced by the extension of the cities in the Southeast Asia to the surrounding areas. The demand for provision of defense in the Southeast Asia also led to the emergence of kingdoms like in the Vedic India which enhanced taxation. Just like castes in Vedic India, Southeast Asia had also empires such as Akkadians and Babylonians. Social distinction was also evident in Southeast Asia like in Vedic India. This is evidenced by the variation in the rate of punishment as a result of class distinction. Unlike Southeast Asia, the social structure of ancient China looks like that of Vedic India. This is evidenced by the social structure of China first having the kings and nobles in the highest level, then the lords and warriors, and finally the peasants in the lowest class. The roles of leaders in ancient China were also well stipulated. The kings led to government, the lords paid taxes to the kings as well as provided warriors to protect the land, and the peasants worked for the kings.
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Indian History. New York: Allied Publishers. 2012. Print. Read More
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World Civilization I Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 2.
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