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In Greek tragedy, cantharis refers to an emotional expression of a character. In the event that a character realizes their faults and slip-ups they have committed, they often display a cathartic feeling through their actions and speech. …
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Opinion Writing Assignment Greek tragedy
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Opinion Writing Assignment In Greek tragedy, cantharis refers to an emotional expression of a character. In the event that a character realizes their faults and slip-ups they have committed, they often display a cathartic feeling through their actions and speech. As seen in the work of Fiero, Antigone evokes catharsis. In the work, Antigone has been related to a tragic heroine. Antigone is a good woman, who has great accomplishments (Fiero 76-92).
However, one would easily sympathize with the character that has a lot of flaws that are emotional. It is these flaws that lead to her catastrophic downfall (Fiero 78-96). This aspect automatically evokes catharsis in me. I sympathize with her the moment when she decides to support the decree of the gods by burying her brother as opposed to adhering to the law of Creone. She believes that her death will be glorified as she manages to satisfy her wish (Fiero 100-12). It is also evident that Antigone’s attempt to kill herself would be related to the fact that she wanted to grant her brother a respectable burial. With these events in mind, one would easily relate with Antigone’s woes.
The Passion Of Christ is a film that has evoked catharsis in me is. Through a follow up of the movie from its onset as Jesus is tempted by Satan, His suffering to His resurrection, I easily develop emotions that sympathize with Jesus’ suffering. The entire plot would create automatic expressive emotions in the viewer.
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