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Sex Love and Tragedy in Early Italian Literature - Assignment Example

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The assignment "Sex Love and Tragedy in Early Italian Literature " states that different perceptions have been identified regarding the development of the meaning of Beatrice in Dante’s Vita Nuova. Dante used to love as an effective weapon that redefines his idea of love…
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Sex Love and Tragedy in Early Italian Literature
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Extract of sample "Sex Love and Tragedy in Early Italian Literature"

As presenting him loving Beatrice, Dante was actually in love with God. Dante took pains for the development of his character reaching the final concept of love. He presents her first as a quite ordinary woman who achieves greater status at the end and it likens her to Christ. Here Dante wins his attempt of constructing his own legend; the Holy Beatrix. Dante could not acknowledge the fact that Beatrice was one of many ladies. Later, different meanings are attributed to Beatrice like the symbols of Christ and miracle (The Florence Newspaper, n. d.).
The symbolic meaning of Virgil in Inferno I
Virgil is the other character appearing with Dante in Inferno. Critics have attributed different symbolisms to the presentation of Virgil’s ghost in the poem. They are of the opinion that the ghost represents human reason which guides and protects persons from the world of sin. Reading through the poem, one feels that Virgil’s character best suits for a reason where he proves sober, measured, resolute, and wise. He has been presented in the poem as the protector of Dante from demons and monsters. Virgil also reminds the readers about the significance of religious faith—
The reason is powerless without faith, by following the words of the angelic messenger. Here, Virgil acts as the guide of Dante, who enables Dante to have a clear view of Hell and for strengthening his moral lessons. He leads him as a master, expressing the acknowledgment and appreciation of the classical tradition.
3. Issues Dante faces in his encounter with Francesca in Inferno V
Francesca was the contemporary of Dante, whose presentation in Inferno attracted the attention of many critics. According to them, her personality is sufficient to atone for her sin. For a reader, it is easy to understand her character. Presenting Francesca in his poem was a great challenge to Dante. But he won in his attempt to present her as one of the most charming creatures to appear in world literature (Alighieri, Dante., Musa, Mark, 1995. P. 310) Her aristocratic behavior is well appreciated and it enables her to wipe out her flaws. Read More
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(Sex Love and Tragedy in Early Italian Literature Assignment)
Sex Love and Tragedy in Early Italian Literature Assignment.
“Sex Love and Tragedy in Early Italian Literature Assignment”, n.d.
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