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Nature of Love in Madame Bovary - Literature review Example

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The paper 'Nature of Love in Madame Bovary' presents Morgan Scott Peck who was a renowned American psychiatrist and a novelist. He is famous for his bestselling book entitled The Road Less Travelled that was published in the year 1978. Peck was born in the year 1936 and died in 2005…
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Nature of Love in Madame Bovary
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Extract of sample "Nature of Love in Madame Bovary"

Download file to see previous pages To start with Charles Bovary is portrayed to had a humble beginning but struggled against all odds to a second rate medical degree where he later became an Officier de santé in the department of the Public Health Service. He married Heloise Dubuc who was a rich widow and his mother’s choice, Charles decided to practice in a small village called Toste.
In this book, he defined love as an activity and an investment but not a feeling. He further claimed that love is an individual will to extend himself/herself with an intention of nurturing spiritual growth. Therefore, Peck concluded that love is all about activities geared towards nurturing one another’s spiritual growth. He further drew a distinction between love and cathexis, where he claimed that cathexis is that which defines sexual attraction as well as that responsible for affectionate actions such as cuddling pets together with pinching of the cheeks of babies. However, he asserted that cathexis has nothing to do with love (Peck 85).
Furthermore, he proposed that isolation is not a recipe for initiation of true love but agreed that cathexis insufficient amount is needed to achieve true love. After the cathexis stage, love begins to thrive, meaning that it comprises of the activities that the parties involved perform to one another but not necessarily the feeling itself (Manning 11). This is in agreement with what Pecks say in his book where he claims, “Love is as love does” (Peck 86). Up to this point, it is true to say that love is all about providing yourself together with the other individual with the basic requirements needed for growth. This requires the parties involved to fully understand and know one another (Morrison 22).
Charles met his future wife Emma Rouault during his visit to the local farm to set Emma’s father's broken leg. At that point, Emma was beautiful and attractive with a good education; however, she was yearning for luxury and romance that she learned from the novels she was reading. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nature of Love in Madame Bovary Literature Review.
“Nature of Love in Madame Bovary Literature Review”.
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