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Business Writing Class Members Respond to Postings - Assignment Example

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The paper contains respond to postings of business writing class members. The author states that citing the source of any information is important not only to avoid plagiarism but also to make the research believable to a reader and also show them where to get the information used…
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Business Writing Class Members Respond to Postings
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Download file to see previous pages Backing up any claims made using facts and statistics or visuals also help in assertive writing, therefore giving a reader confidence as to the accuracy of the information. Writing involves assertiveness rather than aggressiveness which is rude or passiveness which comes out as inaccurate/doubtful.
I think that this is a good idea. An on-site daycare would also give assurance to the employee that their child is in safe hands since they will be close to them throughout the day. Offering learning opportunities and free health checkups is also an extra benefit to the employees. The daycare will eventually improve on the company’s productivity since employees will focus on their daily work knowing that their children are well taken care of.
However, I feel as though a proper organizational review must be conducted before the commencement of this research. This is in order to know the demographics of the employees working there. For example, their age, marital status, number of kids and age of kids. By so doing the researcher is able to ascertain whether most employees are married, have kids and whether the kids are below 5 years old. Such a research may not be feasible in an organization where most employees are single, do not have kids or if they have children they are above 5 years old. A daycare may not be of help in such an organization and it may end up being a waste of resources.
I absolutely concur with you, showing credibility is significant in a research. It is important that your work is supported by credible examples, illustration, visuals or even expert opinions and all these be properly cited as a reference. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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