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Exam 4 - Essay Example

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The Americans went to war amongst themselves for the rights that each one of them believed was entitled to concerning growing civilization. The most evident cause being…
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Exam 4
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Extract of sample "Exam 4"

Reasons for the secession and civil war in America Civil War to encompasses one of the most significant period constituting annals of American history. The Americans went to war amongst themselves for the rights that each one of them believed was entitled to concerning growing civilization. The most evident cause being slavery whereby oppression and mistreatment of Blacks by their white superiors was quite evident to the extent they could not take it any more. Blacks felt that they agitate for what they believed was right thus triggering unavoidable civil war, which was ultimately unwanted. Historians have continued to argue and debate what might have triggered this civil war in American nation and the most likely cause seems to be slavery. The state especially in the southern region devised and emphasized laws that augmented disunity among its citizens whereby whites felt they had the mandate to oppress others. This exceeded to the extent of natives claiming to have unrestrained desire of acquiring slaves whom they could use for their domestic and heavy tasks besides mistreating them. In that ancient era, the constitution and the union did not advocate or cater for Blacks’ needs in America. For instance, they were required to have written permits from their employers if they desired to pass through certain areas only preserved for whites. If they did not adhere to these requirements, they suffered severe consequences like fines, forced to work in roads or even imprisoned. This culture of slavery was more common in the southern America were civilization was the key issue then advocated to equal that of N. America. Consequently, more laborers were required who turned out to be Blacks. Southerners preferred servitude because it was cheap in that they did not have to pay the enslaved thus ensured increased productivity. This prompted these regions being adamant in yielding to the demands of abolishing servitude to the extent of pushing even the Northerners to adopt the same mainly for economic purposes. However, Northerners disagreed completely about that issue and in turn sought its abolishment throughout America. The gap between the Northerners and Southerners’ territories slowly continued to widen due to these disagreements that remained unresolved. Initially, these disagreements about slave labor triggered civil war because the two territories failed to have adequate negotiable terms regarding the matter.
Abolition of servitude spearheaded by Abraham Lincoln regime that aimed at advocating equality both socially or politically helped the entire America in achieving its life long dream. America has continued to defy slavery politics for they feared its severe results where the entire state ended up siding with antislavery parties. All member states in America have recognized values of all individuals with equality regardless of their color, hence ensuring fair allocation of state resources. The federal government protects its citizens from any forms of slavery besides their hard-earned property. Civil war fought in America brought about many severe consequences that required special attention to rebuild the nation. However, this civil war, helped to transform the southern states that still practiced slavery into more modernized society. Although the government faced many tremendous challenges one being the dilemma of re-integrating the ally States into the Union. This issue examination encompasses a range of forms including reconstruction programs whose aim was to transform Southern economy not to rely on servitude but come with appropriate tools. There were programs geared at incorporating freed slaves and other African Americans to make one state. Thus, reconstruction main objective was to reunite the union back mutually and free the slaves finally.
Primary Document Set 4.2: The Civil War.
Primary Document Set 4.3: Reconstruction. Read More
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