The Spanish, English, and French Styles of Conquest on North America - Essay Example

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The three imperial systems had differences in terms of practices, goals and achievements. For instance the British imperial was more concerned with…
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The Spanish, English, and French Styles of Conquest on North America
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Download file to see previous pages rench rule was mostly based on assimilation and spread of Christianity where many people moved to France while the French moved to nations which they colonized. Spanish imperials were different from the British imperial since they relied more on signing treaties and agreements with the residents to gain certain possessions or material wealth from certain regions. The paper attempts to outline the differences in colonial nature of British, Spanish and French in America.
The French colonization process was different from that of Spain and British. The rivalry in gaining superiority among colonies led France to establish colonies in North America, India and the Caribbean. From 1830-1884, France was involved in establishing colonies in various nations especially in North America and it was accompanied by spread of Catholic religion2. First, France started trading with such countries and it would take purchased materials and manufactured items to the motherland and it also spread its language through interactions with these countries. French also ensured that the moral mission was being spread through Christianity. In 1884, Jules Ferry who was the leading colonial master declared that the superior races had a duty to civilize the lower races through assimilation. France sent large numbers of its citizens in North America and became a powerful force in the region and also in Paris3.
The British was a strong force and superior colonial power since 1707 when the Kingdom of Great Britain was formed. The colony was the largest empire and it involved domination against other colonies, protectorates, colonies, territories and mandates that was administered through colonies4. The British colonies and kingdom had spread and comprised of one-fifth of world’s population and the empire covered almost quarter of the world’s total land. The British rule also dominated the Northern America The British imperial was marked by use of various approaches such as church and colonial ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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