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This paper looks at the English settlement movement in North America this was a movement that took place between 1880 and 1920 in the U.S and England. Its main aim was to get rich while the poor in the society lived more closely and interdependently within the community…
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English settlement movement in North America
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English settlement movement in North America This was a reformist settlement movement that took place between 1880 and 1920 in the U.S and England. Its main aim was to get rich while the poor in the society lived more closely and interdependently within the community. This would be achieved by the establishment of settlement houses in urban areas where the poor lived (APstudy notes par. 1-5).
The Spanish influence into Chesapeake Bay and up to the end of South America was extremely extensive prior to the advent of the English. They possessed developing cities like Peru, Mexico, and Cuba. There were little missions and presidios stretching through the Atlantic coast along the Mexican gulf.
Sir Walter Raleigh made the first attempt in the English settlement in 1585. He did this by setting up a colony of approximately 100 men on the North American east Coast. He named the land Virginia after Queen Elizabeth II who was called “Virgin Queen” since she was unmarried. The settlers lasted a year then returned home (APstudynotes, par. 3).
Raleigh made the second effort to start a colony at Roanoke in Virginia in 1587. However, the sent supply ships did not arrive until in 1590 when the existence of the colonies disappeared. Subsequently, a number of changes such as the England economy took place to enable England’s capability to inhabit America in the 1600s (par. 4).
In the 1500s, there was strong connection between England and Spain because of their commitment to the Roman Catholic Church and the matrimony between Henry VIII and Catherine of Oregon. Protestantism was introduced to enable them have a divorce. However, there was a leadership tussle between Mary Tudor and Queen Elizabeth I. Queen Elizabeth backed the English and started to ransack Spanish merchant ships. King Phillip II was angered by this and assembled the Armada to invade England to bring it back to the Catholic fold. The Dutch helped the English destroy Armada’s plans that were completely destroyed by a series of storms. Elizabeth’s reign extended into 1603 leading to expansion of England population and colonial expansion (par. 5-7).
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