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The speech by W.E.B Du Bois and thee Atlanta speech presented by Booker T Washington were all based on the need to recognize the black population in America. In fact, all of the speech was based of racial equity with the Washington speech focusing on the employment of the black…
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Booker T Washington and W.E.B bois
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Comparative analysis of the two speeches The speech by W.E.B Du Bois and thee Atlanta speech presented by Booker TWashington were all based on the need to recognize the black population in America. In fact, all of the speech was based of racial equity with the Washington speech focusing on the employment of the black Americans. In comparison, the speech by Du Bois is more concise compared to the Atlanta compromise. The arrangement of the ideas in the speech by Du bois is more organized and appealing. For speech presentation, it is vital for the main ideas to be presented effectively and in an interesting manner to ensure success of the idea presentation. In addition, the need for change within the society should be presented effectively (Moore 56). Through examples and similarities, it is easier to build the case or idea and be able to influence the decision of the audience. In the two speeches presented to different audiences, it is evident that the success of presentation of the idea is in the speech by Du Bois. The speech by Du Bois is a true reflection of the challenges faced by the black community. Therefore, the speech by Du Bois is much better compared to the Booker Washington Speech.
Effective speeches are meant to inform and inspire the public to be engaged in the change or improvement of the society. In the two speeches, the focus has been on the African American. In fact, conclusion of the speech makes it delightful and ensures that the audience understands the importance of speech and the need for action (Moore 123). The creation of the problem is done in the introduction passage effectively in the speech presented by Du Bois, which is different from the focus of the Atlanta speech. The Atlanta speech presents the issues using a system that ensures that the idea is not grasped accuracy. In fact, the ideas are not presented as fast as it should be in an audience speech. In addition, the focus of speech is presented much later. The presentation by Du Bois touch on the imperative issues associated with immigration and the need for integration of immigrants. However, the challenge of race is not addressed effectively in the Atlanta compromise. The compromise is not effective in presenting the solution to the problem. For a speech to be effective, it should bring out the challenges associated with race and conclude with the speaker’s perception and take of the challenge. For Du bois, the challenge and the conclusion is presented effectively in the speech, but Atlanta compromise does not present the ideas effectively.
Speech presentation and recollection of the main ideas during the conclusion of the main ideas presented depends on the ability to replicate to the audience. The importance of any speech is based on the ability to motivate (Moore 96). For instance, I have a dream speech by Luther is considered a beautiful and most inspiring speech because of the ability to be engraved on the minds of the listeners including the people who read it latter. In understanding the beauty of the speech, it is necessary to get reviews or reference to the speech. The Du Bois speech has obtained different reviews and reference indicating resonance to the problem. Therefore, when comparing the two speeches, Du Bois Speech captures the mind of the audience better.
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Moore, Jacqueline M. Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. Du Bois, and the Struggle for Racial Uplift. New York : Rowman & Littlefield, 2003. Print. Read More
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