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An amulet is defined as “an object, either natural or man-made, believed to be endowed with special powers to protect or bring good fortune” (Britannica). This is consistent with the explanation given by Carol Andrews that “An amulet, talisman or charm is a personal…
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Wrapping the body: linen and jewelry, especially amulets
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Download file to see previous pages Even the Book of the Dead contains information on the importance of what is termed as ‘funerary amulets’ to distinguish from others which are placed directly on the mummy, within the casket or in a “special compartment in a Ptah-Sokaris-Osiris figure” or in its actual pedestal (Andrews 6). Certainly, the importance given to amulets as a part of passage in Ancient Egyptian burials and even during life indicates the significance that they bear during that period.
The kneeling man is a popular talisman with the figure holding palm ribs is said to be a depiction of Heh who is considered to be the “god of millions.” The scarab, or a dung beetle, in amulet form was a popular funerary amulet that is characterized by a flat surface on the bottom as can be seen in the selection were normally inscribed in the bottom with the name of its owner or even the pharaoh for whom he served. The scarab represents new life or resurrection which is among the primary beliefs of Ancient Egyptians. The hippopotamus is the animal form of the goddess Thoeris who protects a woman during childbirth. She is also referred to as Taueret in the text characterized by a standing figure with defined breasts and braided hair or a feather. Some of the major gods represented as amulets include Isis and in her bosom is Horus who is the most important god to the pharaohs. In some, human figures with animal heads appear as talismans designed to protect its owner. The jackal-headed figure is Anubis and the falcon-headed one is Horus. The cat-form shaped head with a human body is Bastet which can also be rendered as a lion-headed amulet together with other gods such as Sekhmet and Wadjyt. The Four Sons of Horus are said to protect the internal organs of the mummy upon death. The crocodile is the god Sobk. Additionally, where most of the figures could be in human shape and animal form, the image ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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