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The African American Civil Rights of 1863 to 1968 simply represented a mass popular agitation for equal access to basic rights and privileges of U.S citizenship. The roots of the movement can be traced back in the 19th century when African American men and women alongside some…
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Download file to see previous pages is period only served to set precedence to later activities that culminated in great achievement not only for the blacks in American but also for the many people with similar problems across the globe. In America, the civil right movement focused much in the south, a region that was inhabited by a large African American population. This region was characterized by a blatant racial inequality in economic opportunity, education and legal and political process (Smith, & Wynn, 2009, pg 12-14).
In 1808 the U.S congress abolished slave trade following the passage of the constitution which banned slavery. This became the central divisive matter in the early republic. Such is the case that this law came into force at a time when the south was heavily dependent on cheap slave labor for their agriculture contrary to the north that was speedily embracing industrialization. The newly found division between the south and north aggravated political and cultural differences and resulted to great animosity. One such difference revolved around the issue of admitting new states. Here, the question was as to whether to admit them as free or slave oriented. The effect of this crisis came up in 1820 when Missouri requested for admission stating its intention to operate a slave state. The north came out strongly against Missouri admission fearing that the slave holding states would gain majority share in the senate. This was however resolved through a compromise that saw Missouri granted its request as a slave state but not without the admission of a free Maine( cut out of Massachusetts). This move ensured preservation of the balance of power between the two antagonistic parties but never resolved the raging controversies.
Following the growing antislavery campaigns, especially from the north, the abolitionist movement alongside other charities undertook a move that saw them purchase slaves with the sole aim of sending back to Africa, this was in the early 1800s. For instance, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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