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Texas History. How to Get Rid of Slavery - Essay Example

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This paper lists all the aspects of the Texas history and tries to describe it trough the range of the well-known personalities, like Andrew Jackson Hamilton
• He was born in Huntsville, Alabama on January 28, 1815 and was the son of James and Jane (Bayless) Hamilton.
• He had the privilege to become the governor of Texas; he was educated and admitted to the bar in Alabama…
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Texas History. How to Get Rid of Slavery
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Download file to see previous pages Texas Secession Convention:
• In the month of January and February of the year 1861, a meeting was stages in Austin and voted to succeed from the Union.
• The call to secession actually began from October 1860, when it became apparent that Abraham Lincoln would be given the charge of presidency.
• The secession of South Carolina and five other states exacerbated the situation even further and added on to the intensified pressure that already existed for the implementation of secession policy.
• In Texas, only the governor could summon the legislation to hold a special session, but Governor Sam Houston refused to do so in the light that the secession hype would cool down.
• This compelled, Oran M. Roberts, the chief justice of Texas Supreme Court, John S. Ford and other imminent leader to take the situation into their own hands.
• They made a call for elections on January 8, 1861 in the press of delegates to a secession convention, which was duly granted by the legislature.
• On January 28, 1861, the delegates to the convention elected O. M. Roberts as the presiding offer and on 29th January, John H. Wharton moved "that without determining now the manner in which this result should be effected, it is the deliberate sense of this Convention that the state of Texas should separately secede."
• The convention delegates called for a proper referendum to solve the secession issue.
• On February 1 the House with the governor sat to give its final vote, which resulted in 166 votes in favor of secession and 8 against it. The Texans ratified the Secession on February 23rd; due to the Convention’s Public Safety Committee’s move to authorize the seizure of federal property in Texas. In March, the Convention organized various meetings, which resulted in taking Texas out of the Union and allied it with the confederacy. Battle of Sabine Pass The battle took place on September 8, 1863, which was an attempt by the Union to invade and occupy regions of Texas during the Civil War. The motivation behind the attack was the need of cotton by northern textile mills and concern about French interference in the Mexican Civil War. In September 1863, the Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks was sent with 4000 soldiers under the command of Gen. William B. Franklin to capture Sabine Pass, where the Sabine River flows to the Gulf of Mexico. The Western Gulf Blockading Squadron of the United States Navy sent forces to protect the piece of land. The Union lost their opportunity to launch a surprise attack when a blockader missed its scheduled meeting with the ships from New Orleans. However, a plan took shape and the Navy Commander scheduled the gunboats to enter the fort through the passes so that the troops could pass without being noticed. Meanwhile the Confederates remained in hiding and gathered reinforcement near the fort Odlum. The Union armed ships began their advancement into the fort, continually firing in the process. The Confederates cannoneers also geared up for the attack when the Union ships came under the 1200 yards radius. The Confederate artillery man shot the cannon with such precision that it destroyed the Union warships Sachem, made Arizona run for its life, grounded Clifton which resulted in ground combat between the two contenders and compelling another ship Granite City to flee the battleground. This led to the conclusion of the war and the Confederate captured 300 Union prisoners and two gunboats. The artillery skills had won the battle for the Confederates Andrew Jackson Hamilton He was born in Huntsville, Alabama on January 28, 1815 and was the son of James and Jane (Bayless) Hamilton. He had the privilege to become the governor of Texas; he was educated and admitted to the bar in Alabama. For three years, he practiced law in La Grange, Fayette Country He tied the marital knot with Mary Bowen and had two sons and four daughters form her. His political career began in 1849, when Gov. Peter Hall. Bell appointed him as his acting attorney general. In 1859 won ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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