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Samuel Adams - Research Paper Example

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If you asked them to name the founding fathers, most people can only really recall names like Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson,…
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Samuel Adams
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Extract of sample "Samuel Adams"

Download file to see previous pages One of the significant individuals is Samuel Adams. Most people associated the name not with our liberty and freedom, but with the beer franchise by the same name. His contribution to this country goes far beyond malt liquor. In fact, Samuel Adams was more than just a Politian; he was one of the architects of the revolution and the face of independence. With his contributions with the Sons of Liberty, being a colonial leader, and more he was one of the most significant people in America’s pursuit to freedom and independence.
Samuel Adams was born September 27, 1722 to Samuel and Mary Adams in Boston, Massachusetts. He had in total 11 siblings but only 2 of them would survive past the age of three. Politics were a part of Adam’s family. His father was a successful local politician and his cousin, John Adams, would one day be elected the second President of the United States (Biography Channel 2014). Samuel attended is initial education in a small schoolhouse, but he was taught both Greek and Latin. At the age of 14 he entered Harvard University and graduated in 1740. However, after college he was not entirely certain where he would focus his life. He was not interested in the brewery company options. His earliest attempts to establish his own businesses went poorly, mostly because Adams was not particularly good with finances. He would
ultimately, begin working for his father and would marry his first wife, Elizabeth Checkley, in 1749. She brought six children into the world, but died shortly after the stillbirth of her youngest child in 1757 along with all but two of their children, a son Samuel and a daughter Hannah. Career issues continued to plague Adams. He became a tax collector from 1753-1765, however, his loss of approximately 8000 pounds due to sheer negligence he was relieved of his position. He ultimately repaid the monies lost from his own pocket. It was not until he married his second wife, Elizabeth Wells, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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