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Unit 3 Taxation and Representation - Assignment Example

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Specially mentioning, these rights are often identified to be payment of taxes along with and duties within stipulated time period and disseminating complete…
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Unit 3 Taxation and Representation
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Extract of sample "Unit 3 Taxation and Representation"

Unit 3 – Taxation and Representation The mother nation had imposed multiple rights over the colonies in accordance with the Parliamentary Acts and Jenyns. Specially mentioning, these rights are often identified to be payment of taxes along with and duties within stipulated time period and disseminating complete power as well as authority for preserving the veracity of the colonies. The documents clearly depict about the right to tax to be the possession of political rights within the colonists. From this notion, it can be affirmed that the British saw the colonists as having any political right by a considerable extent, which was evident by having a close look on their respective approaches towards fulfilling such rights effectively (Ward, “History in the Making: An Absorbing Look at How American History Has Changed in the Telling over the Last 200 Years”).
According to Patrick Henry and Samuel Adams, the right of taxation was referred to an option, which has been provided to the willing Englishmen by the British government. However, this provision changed with time. The political rights belonged exclusively to the colonists included the right to vote, order or proceed whereas, the power and authority over the British parliament remained confined to the concerning authorities. The above stated rights regarding the power to vote, order and proceed were only agreed upon by the legislation and the Parliament in terms of sharing with the colonists (Hanover, “Samuel Adams, and The Rights of the Colonists”).
The existence of unrealistic expectations about the relationship prevailed between the mother country and its colonies can be duly considered as a major cause for the revolt brought upon by the colonists over Great Britain. For instance, the unrealistic and the ineffective mandates set up by the Parliament gradually resulted in raising several debates about taxation in the 1700s (GMW, “Soame Jenyns the Objections to the taxation considerd 1765”).
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