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The Holocaust in the history is a unique occurence - Essay Example

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This exposition will succinctly show reasons that will demonstrate how the holocaust is a unique occurrence in human history. The episodes that occurred during the holocaust surpass the usual…
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The Holocaust in the history is a unique occurence
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Extract of sample "The Holocaust in the history is a unique occurence"

Download file to see previous pages Such an event signifies the uniqueness of the holocaust whereby it cannot be compared with other forms of suffering experienced in historical genocide such as those that took place in Cambodia, Rwanda and elsewhere.
Since antiquity, the hatred towards the Jews propelled individuals to establish a league of Anti- Semitism that augmented its hatred towards the Jews. Anti- Semitism throughout history has considered factors such as military, culture and economic to justify their hatred towards the Jews. Those who upheld anti- Semitism attributes feared the Jews military advancement whereby they considered it as a threat, while others feared and got angry at Jew’s business orientations since it made them economically self- sustaining1. In addition, majority feared the Jew’s culture since the Jews lived in a large community that could not borrow or assimilate in other people’s culture. In justifying the uniqueness of the holocaust, one should not view the approach as an effort to garner the Jew’s psychological advantage or a sacred prestige because of the suffering they went through. The holocaust will invariably echo in the minds of historian who tries to fathom the atrocities that faced the European Jews. Some critiques of the uniqueness of the holocaust postulate that claiming the atrocities that met the Jews are an act of garnering prestigious attributes to the Jews. The notion is not correct especially in the contemporary societies where the most powerful control events and activities. In such a society where the powerful dominates, it is not prestigious to be powerless and victimized.
The uniqueness of the holocaust is better understood by revisiting the history within the Nazi Germany, within the history context of the Jewish and the general history. Within the Nazi history, it is indicated that approximately 55 million individuals perished by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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