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Emperor Hirohito He was evil and why - Admission/Application Essay Example

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He held this position according to the traditional order and reigned from December 25, 1926 to 1989 when he died. The name Showa was given to Emperor Hirohito posthumously and is the name of…
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Emperor Hirohito He was evil and why
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Extract of sample "Emperor Hirohito He was evil and why"

Download file to see previous pages According to Genzo, Emperor Hirohito’s evil is underscored and illustrated in his indecisiveness. Hirohito occupied the highest office in the land, yet when it came to critical issues, he feigned complacency, indecisiveness and ignorance. This quality is seen in Hirohito being a reluctant supporter of Manchurian occupation, even when it was clear to all and sundry that the occupation of Manchuria would lead to the Second Sino-Japanese War. Secondly, Japan’s military strategies and techniques gained a more aggressive streak and ratified aggressive and combative policies. These developments coaxed Japan into World War II, as Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. However, interestingly enough, Empire Hirohito was silent. His position could not be easily known. Again, there are accounts that state that Hirohito was not enthusiastic about Japan’s participation in World War II. This is not a contentious matter, for anyone is entitled to his political and military strategic persuasions. Nevertheless, despite Hirohito’s displeasure towards Japan’s involvement in World War II, Hirohito was weak and manipulable enough to allow himself to be pictured in military regalia to depict his support for World War II (Genzo, 300).
In a closely related wavelength, it is important to appreciate the fact that after Emperor Hirohito ascended to the 124th Chrysanthemum throne, Japan got into a state of civil unrest. This political unrest was partly informed by Hirohito’s failure to exercise influence over the military and Japan’s politics. Sooner than later, even the military began to revolt. This political development opened up the door for political assassinations. Japan’s Prime Minister Tsuhoshi Inukai is one among the imminent persons who lost their lives to the protracted spate of political assassinations when Japan was under Hirohito (Hane, 885).
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