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This paper stresses that in 1974, while peasants worked to dig a well near the Shaanxi Provence in China, the workers unearthed a nearly complete terra-cotta warrior. This drew a quick and immediate response from the Chinese archeological community, who began excavating the entire area…
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The Emperors Necropolis
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Download file to see previous pages There are many mysteries spoken of in relation to the tomb and First Emperor. The overall scope and detailed complexity of the tomb have been called astonishing and astounding. Why did he build it? Did he really seal up living people inside the tomb to prevent its secrets from being revealed? How in a time so long ago was such a thing able to be built? Truly, it is a magnificent accomplishment, but the Tomb of Shi Huang Di is less about mystery or mythology, but a product of armies of manpower over the course of decades.
In order to understand the creation of the Mausoleum, we must understand the man who claimed the title of the First Emperor of China. Yin Zheng took the throne in 246 BC, at the very young age of 13, and managed to unite several warring kingdoms. With these successes, he took the name Shi Huang Di, or First Emperor. He was a force to be reckoned with, but not all of his contributions to China were militant in nature. The Emperor standardized a coin system, universalizing potential commerce in the different kingdoms. He also created a standard of weights and measures, commissioned roads, and waterways to connect the states and the first to conceive the Great Wall of China. He was a man of great and immense power, amassing more wealth and control than any previous ruler before him. Not long after unifying the feuding kingdoms, he conceived and commissioned the tomb that would be so much more. Shi Huang Di was fixated on the afterlife and believed that he would continue on when his mortal life was over. This is entirely not unlike the ideology behind the Pharaohs of Egypt. The Emperor entirely planned for his rule, his kingdom, his actual court, would continue into the afterlife. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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