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How do interest groups lobby the president and how successful are they - Research Paper Example

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However, in my study, I will be particularly looking at interest groups in relations to presidents. This will cover but not limited to: the role these groups play in the transition period; that is,…
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How do interest groups lobby the president and how successful are they
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Extract of sample "How do interest groups lobby the president and how successful are they"

Download file to see previous pages These could either be through individual membership or membership through organizations. The main aim is usually perceived to be the protection of a specific or a particular interest. This has generally made interest groups seem as self-interested and narrow; without any regard for public good.
Also, it is commonly believed that an interest group as an organization has goals or policies that are similar and that their objective as an organization is to use their influence on the political process to give them the edge they need to achieve these goals. All these debates over lobbying and interest groups have brought confusion over the importance of interest groups and whether they are really important in a democracy or they simply exist to serve self -centered interest. To understand the truth about interest groups and their influence on the presidents an in depth study of the same is required.
To explain the importance of interest groups in politics as well as the public policy making process, a number of theories has been developed and adopted by scholars. Theories such as elite, pluralism, disturbance among others have all been developed. In the early days of Republican form of governance, the unity, as well as the power balance of the nation was very much threatened by this interest groups, but federalist edict allowed the flourishing of these so called interest groups with the argument that a counterbalance would come from other groups that were equally self-centered therefore containing the effect of outside influence.1 The outcome of this was the spread of Republican form of government as opposed to a pure democracy a scenario that the anti-federalists totally disagreed with because in their view, diversity of interests in country that is very large in size was only recipe for precluding of the unity of the country. According to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Do Interest Groups Lobby the President and How Successful Are They Research Paper.
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