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Abstract The interest groups within the United States are drawn up in such a way that there is immense learning which can be attained. This paper takes a keen look at the issues which have marred America and how the same have called for devising pathways that would lead to the launch of the interest groups – the groups and bodies that essentially dictate how well related people would be looked after, especially in the event of a disaster or catastrophe…
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Interest groups
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Download file to see previous pages This paper studies how the roles of the interest groups within the modern day American politics has shaped up, and how these roles are translated to bring out a true message for the Americans. What is even more significant here is the fact that this study aims to find which strategies are made use of by these interest groups to achieve their respective goals as far as the lengths and breadths of United States are concerned. Also the due role of the National Rifle Association as an interest group has been detailed within this discussion which only adds meat to it in the long run. ...
inquire about the areas where interest groups have been able to provide their services and to see if these areas have any political perspectives present as well To explore the due role of the National Rifle Association as an interest group that has done much for the United States over a passage of time Methodology The methodology used within this paper is entirely dependent on the usage of secondary research which is the research that has been gained through evidence and available resources. The secondary research always comes ahead with the passage of time and is manifested through books, journals, newspapers, magazines, periodicals, TV interviews and reports, etc. The methodology lists down the areas from which information has been extracted for the completion of this study and the manner in which it has been done suggests the authenticity that is much required for this paper. The Role Played by the Interest Groups in American Politics Interest groups within the United States are built up in such a way that they have their respective aims and objectives. The reasons why they exist are difficult to ascertain because they are serving the interests of varied stakeholders. The manner in which they operate is visible to everyone yet they exist to make sure that their interests are met in a priority basis. These interest groups have their own vested interests and they can go to any limit to make sure that they are recognized, their work done in a proper way and the results are such that nearly everyone can see and decipher easily. Now how these interest groups bring success is dependent on how well they have been devised in the first place. If these interest groups are working to satisfy a general audience, then the interests will remain broad but if these interest groups ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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