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It has been defined as the post traditional period, which is characterized by aspects such as industrialization, secularization, and rationalization. In addition, it characterizes the shift from the feudal…
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Modernity The concept of modernity has raised diverse opinion from sociologists. It has been defined as the post traditional period, which is characterized by aspects such as industrialization, secularization, and rationalization. In addition, it characterizes the shift from the feudal system to a capitalism system. Modernity can be traced in the 17th century when people started getting enlightened. There was a shift from the primitive civilizations to the current state of globalization. Modernization has been viewed as a steady process that is still ongoing.
The view of modernity can take different perspectives depending on the evolving aspects. These aspects are either descriptive or analytical based on social, political, or economic aspects that characterize modernity. A political approach of defining modernity is quite analytical. It states that the earliest stages of modernity began with the Niccolo Machiavelli’s works, which seemed to favor the free republics over monarchies. The modernization initiated at this time continues to grow with liberalism and democracy being quite characteristic in today’s political view. On the other hand, the changes in the social discourse, processes, and conditions take a descriptive approach. In this case, modernity is described in accordance to the descriptions of people’s social aspects. The philosophical view also takes the same descriptive dimension as the social approach. In this regard, it is described as the period where the realization that it is impossible to achieve certainty came up. On the same frequency, modernity achieves a descriptive approach as the age in which ideologies were developed.
The descriptive aspect of modernity supersedes the analytical. This is because across generations what predominates is the evidence of what has taken place. Therefore, when this is described, it supports the evidence of the transition that is characterized by modernity. Read More
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