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A primer in social and sociological theory (Toward a sociology of citizenship) - Essay Example

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Market saturation came into being due to capitalistic tendencies that introduced certain norms in the society effectively disenfranchising other communities. For instance, due capitalism, slavery became the norm as African-Americans became a potential property for business…
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A primer in social and sociological theory (Toward a sociology of citizenship)
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Extract of sample "A primer in social and sociological theory (Toward a sociology of citizenship)"

Download file to see previous pages The black community were the people working in the plantation firms as slaves while the whites were the dominant group. Wilson uses the Marxist theory to explain such occurrences.
Legitimation crisis arose as a result of globalization. The introduction of the concept of modernity ensured that the traditional concepts had to be eroded. Institutions, societal structure and mode of operation were changed due to globalization. For instance, religion has become an element of terrorist activities. Moreover, there is increased inequalities and deprivation of individuals in the society.
The network has affected the class and capitalist by making the underpinning circumstances obsolete. For instance, the network has ensured that the binding societal norms and practices no longer hold as people and institutions begin to subscribe to other ideals. Essentially, the networks that were eroded by the effects of globalization ensured a paradigm shift from the traditional way of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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