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Colonialism and Disease in Cholera, Kuru and Anthrax - Essay Example

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In the paper “Colonialism and Disease in Cholera, Kuru and Anthrax” the author examines the correlation between colonialism and disease in following disease cases: Cholera in India, Kuru in eastern Highlands of New Guinea and smallpox in China during Late Imperial Time…
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Colonialism and Disease in Cholera, Kuru and Anthrax
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Extract of sample "Colonialism and Disease in Cholera, Kuru and Anthrax"

Download file to see previous pages Spain in the early 1600s and other huge nations was looking to develop land in the new world for themselves and get gold, silver, and power whilst converting natives. After coming to the new world, the Spanish explorer, conquering the natives and built settlements.
However, with an increased rate colonialism, many historians observe that the rate of contagious some particular disease also increased and the western medication is another justification for promoting colonialism. Historians such as Roland Chrisjohn and John S. Milly from Canada have since published documents showing evidence on how the discussion about disease spread concealed by colonialists to hide the actual origins of the natives were infected with the new diseases.
Historians have stated that European colonists on discovering that the indigenous people were not immune to certain diseases, they deliberately spread the diseases for military advantages and to subjugate the local people. Therefore, the correlation between colonialism and disease can be examined in following disease cases: Cholera in India, Kuru in eastern Highlands of New Guinea and smallpox in China during Late Imperial Time.
Cholera, as defined as an Asian or Indian disease during the 19th century (Nappi, Lecture 3.1 21 January 2014), was rampant in India and also in the industrially developed country as the United Kingdom. It spread across the world from its source in the Ganges delta, in India. Cholera is an acute diarrhoeal and virulent disease that affects both children and adults and kills within hours if left untreated. Effective control of cholera relies on the preparedness, prevention, and response. According to most European and American physicians, Cholera was a locally produced miasmatic disease which was brought about by direct exposure to filthy and decayed products.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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