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Anthrax - Essay Example

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Bacillus anthracis is a certain type of bacteria which is mainly responsible for causing this fatal disease. This paper will shed more light upon how Anthrax spreads and how it can be cured…
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Extract of sample "Anthrax"

Client’s 29 October Some diseases are more dangerous than the others; Anthrax is one disease which is deadly. Bacillus anthracis is a certain type of bacteria which is mainly responsible for causing this fatal disease. This paper will shed more light upon how Anthrax spreads and how it can be cured and avoided.
“This disease mainly affects animals like sheep, goats, cattle and so on but human beings can also contract anthrax when they come in contact with affected animals and it can also spread from one human being to another which makes it even more dangerous, it is a communicable disease and this is precisely why it is considered fatal by many people.” (Causes of Anthrax)
“The bacteria can easily enter into the skin of a human being should there be a cut or scrape. Wool which is widely exported can also cause anthrax; infected animal’s wool when touched without any protection can easily lead to anthrax.” (WHO) Farm workers are extremely vulnerable because they are closely surrounded by animals almost all day long and when they get back home, the disease can spread to their near and dear ones so one has to be extremely careful about this disease.
“Inhalation anthrax is also important to discuss, the farm workers can also contract this disease when they inhale working at a farm, the disease can enter into their body through their lungs and it can severely affect the immune system of the affected person.” (What do you need to know?)
It is very important to discuss the symptoms of anthrax; the following are the symptoms of this disease:
1. A sore which looks quite similar to an insect bite and later develops into a full blown ulcer.
2. The sore becomes swollen up within a few days but it remains painless
Inhalation anthrax has different symptoms than cutaneous anthrax, the symptoms of inhalation anthrax are as follows:
1. Affected person suffers from fever
2. Affected person suffers from shortness of breath
3. High fever
4. Vomiting
5. Mouth sores
“When treated with antibiotics, cutaneous anthrax is likely to get better. However, up to 20% of people who do not get treatment may die if anthrax spreads to the blood.
People with second-stage inhalation anthrax have a poor outlook, even with antibiotic therapy. Up to 90% of cases in the second stage are fatal.
Gastrointestinal anthrax infection can spread to the bloodstream, and may result in death.” (Anthrax) This disease is curable but one needs to be really aware of their surroundings.
Anthrax (2012). Treatment of Anthrax. Web. Retrieved from: Causes of Anthrax (2012). What Causes Anthrax? Web. Retrieved from: What do you need to know? (2012). CDC Anthrax. Web. Retrieved from: WHO (2012). About Anthrax. Web. Retrieved from: Read More
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Anthrax Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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