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Pyramids - Research Paper Example

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Whether it is the Egyptian pyramids or the Mesoamerican pyramids, these structures had a lot to do with the beliefs, faith and aspirations of the civilizations…
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Download file to see previous pages In contrast the physical appearance of the Mesoamerican pyramids does not satisfy the geometrical attributes of a true pyramid. Moreover, the Mesoamerican pyramids happen to be truncated at the top (Jennings 56). The Egyptian pyramids do happen to have plain exteriors, while in many of the Mesoamerican pyramids, the exteriors are embellished with the sculptures and figurines representing the deities from Mesoamerican pantheon. As per the opinion of most of the archeologists, the time of construction of the Egyptian pyramids is placed between the period 2700 BC and 2100 BC (Tignor 38). The Egyptologists hold that the Pyramid of Cheops was constructed around 2450 BC (Tignor 38). The Mesoamerican pyramids in contrast belong to a more recent time period, believed to have been contrived between 100 BC and 300 AD (Jennings 44). Thereby the Egyptian and the Mesoamerican pyramids are separated by a time gap of nearly 2000 years.
The other big difference between the pyramids attributed to these two civilizations lies in their manner of construction. The Egyptians mostly used the cut stone quarried from the sources around the Nile valley, sometimes happening to be hundreds of miles distant from the actual construction site to construct and decorate their pyramids (Stocks 63). The architectural technique resorted to by the Egyptians that relied only on the cut and finished stones enabled them to build pyramids that were highly stable and sturdy and could stay intact for centuries. The Egyptian pyramids were primarily constructed as an eternal abode for the body of the dead pharaohs who were considered to be gods (Tignor 75). The high rising Egyptian pyramids symbolized the accent of the pharaohs to the afterlife. The inner chambers of the Egyptian pyramids held the possessions and the things that were dear to the dead pharaoh or were considered to be necessary ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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