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American experience in Vietnam - Essay Example

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Learning from one’s previous mistakes does not necessarily apply to all. Determination may drive one towards a goal no matter the price to be paid as was with Kennedy john…
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American experience in Vietnam
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Download file to see previous pages But as it is with politicians they give their citizens what they want to hear. This is what Kennedy was doing to convince his listeners and lure those who were not in his support. The vice president by then, though it took them long to notice and admit admitted that they had been ignorant of all that had happened in Vietnam. All those taking part in war had their own reasons for fighting, but did not include lands, resources nor dominations but freedom was the justice they were seeking in their quest neither did their want to lose their colonies in the southern east Asia. Greed and selfishness is a much greater drive for to those with interest to grab what they want. Being involved in a soviet union war meant that they were not in only in a battle of superiority, but were competing for ideas. Winthrop’s John myth citing the idea of a new America that was godlier would vanquish their numerically stronger enemies. They had dismissed the thought of having a stronger warrior squad that would outdo those of their enemies citing it as ancient. The Vietnam presidents by now relied more on virtue but not power in order to carry the day by winning the war. (Westheider 2008) 2 Industrialization got a boost from the farmers from the eighteenth century. This fueled the power of Americans in terms of their organization, and no other a power could outdo them. This proved that they were militarily invisible and after what took place in Hiroshima it was more evident that they were morally superior but the most powerful country in history. In their mind, they knew nobody could beat them in war even if nations joined to fight against them. This is where they went wrong and so writes Miller Arthur, that he believed in America and believed they had technology till the mid 1960’s when he thought they would never accept defeat as they had technologically advanced. The thought of American’s military being conquered in the battlefield with the advanced technology, grown industrialization and technology ability made them think they would never have been insufficient for war and its purposes. With the Soviet Union exploding a bomb as the Americans were not expectant off. Their aim was entirely to come up with means to fight as they avoided nuclear technology. Its premise was that soviets and their team were to indulge in small wars and without provoking or unlocking nuclear energy. In 1945 as they marked the end of the World War 2, Vietnam was left with vivid memories of subordination caused by Japanese and French authority replacing de facto. The moral lessons were western colonialism wasn’t omnipotent, and no name would replace imperialism as it was all the same from all round and equally dangerous.( Sevy 1989) American both political and leaders in businesses had an agreement that they needed to breathe both life and energy from the world system, and the only country 3that had the capacity to see them done was America. The key role would be played by political entrance to enact the law through the help of police men. There was a need for coordination of world affairs in the whole worlds system. Britain withdrew in the 19th century. This made Americans eager on taking on the lead as they believed they were able. Their main task was to restore expansiveness in their economy in their quest to increase their productivity as it was devastated by war. However, the imbalance within the system of the world was the major issue. Despite Americans capitalism being so strong, it didn’t quite matter as that of others countries was too weak. (Dougan,1988) But why all this, there were no raw materials in Vietnam to exploit neither were there strategic interests, it’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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