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How to prevent Military Drill Sergeants from making the unethical decision to Fraternize with Trainees - Research Paper Example

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This has been reported occasionally in some military training camps. There are some reasons that are attached to this that make it to never end. Despite this, some policies have been put forth to mitigate…
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How to prevent Military Drill Sergeants from making the unethical decision to Fraternize with Trainees
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Extract of sample "How to prevent Military Drill Sergeants from making the unethical decision to Fraternize with Trainees"

Download file to see previous pages eant who is an expert in the warrior duties and the in the battle drills is expected to live the values of the army by showing the warrior ethos which is the epitome of the army profession (Long, 2008).
A military drill sergeant is expected to be responsible for coaching, providing counseling and giving mentorship to too many thousands of soldiers as he or she changes them from being a civilian to a ready soldier. A military drill sergeant starts his work before dawn and his with the soldiers throughout the day. Being a military drill sergeant, the soldiers’ looks up to you as the only person they know in the army. The soldiers always try to copy you in everything you do. Being a military drill sergeant is very difficult. The job is very demanding and can be attributed to the several tasks that are to be fulfilled. Just the same, way you will remember your military drill sergeant is the same way your soldiers will. It is for this reason that it is your duty to make sure you give a positive and a rewarding experience to the soldiers who are starting their journey in the army. Everything you do to the soldiers will affect them throughout their lives (Baker, 2008).
There are different reasons that are attached to mistreatment of trainees by the military drill sergeants. The main reason why this happens is the notion since they were also mistreated they will have to do the same to others. It is a sort of revenge that the drill sergeants undertake.
At other times, the chain is usually commanding from the highest order to the lowest order. The people in the higher ranks mistreat those who are under them. This continues in a chain until the lowest order where the military drill sergeants mistreat the trainees and their property. Gender also leads to mistreatment of some trainees. Male military drill sergeants feel that they should use the female trainees for their personal desires. This in most cases leads to cases of rape that become hard to handle. In addition, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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