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What is owed/ who will stand - Essay Example

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There is a moral seriousness among many veterans of the U.S wars in Iraq, Vietnam and Afghanistan that put to shame the carelessness and evasions of American life. Such seriousness must struggle to be heard in the United States…
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What is owed/ who will stand
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"What is owed/ who will stand"

Download file to see previous pages After all, as of 2006, according to one Army surgeon, America was a place where no one with a lawn service knew or wrote to anyone in Iraq or Afghanistan. This essay discusses the role of government on war and the morality in society along with the lessons people can learn from the past veteran wars. Discussion According to Peter Marin, the Vietnam veterans monument in Washington does very little to inspire veneration or patriotism in the American people; it only demands contemplation, but does not remind the American people about the actual horrors, moral culpability, negligence and corruption of the Vietnam War. Peter Marin cites Ronal Barthes who states, “Monuments and memorials act as cultural myths that commemorate the past, and consequently disguise it by making it more or less than what it was. These memorials make history a part of memory, an object of sentiment, rather than making the past sentience and a part of thought. Marin argues that the effects of the war should not be ignored by society today; people try to forget the past by closing the door on the past to heal the wounds of the past horrors.This, Marin argues, is wrong because people are yet to come to terms with the lessons the war taught the American people and the moral questions raised by the Vietnam War. ...
Marin describes the veterans as showing generosity, tenderness, affection and love to one another, something that the American society can learn from due to the lack of moral in society today.iii The Veterans main concern is justice in society and the world in general; while in Vietnam, the American society abandoned most of these young men; they became exposed to the brutality and culpability of humans. Most of these people are distraught because of the murders of civilians in Vietnam, wondering how the government could have sent them to such horrors, fighting with young teenagers like themselves and causing mass murders. After the war, they felt abandoned by the government and by America as a whole. They feel that the government owes them justice, and that they should not be the creators of these justice; rather, the authorities should be the ones to ensure that justice prevails in the worldiv. In his article, Rethinking Veterans Day from a veteran’s perspective, Ross Caputi despises Veterans Day as it reminds him of his contribution to the destruction of Iraq while he serve as a marine. He remembers participating in the killings of thousands of civilians and the displacement of other civilians during the 2nd siege of Fallujah. Caputi despises the selective remembrance and forgetting of veterans and victims on Veterans Day while new youth are recruited into this same misconception of honor, war and what it means to be a Veteran. The government and society today, are constantly fed lies and taught to accept war, to despise other nations and to commit mass murders and being convinced that it is duty to the nation. Like Marin, Caputi feels that the government is guilty of injustices and that society is gradually becoming ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“What Is Owed/ Who Will Stand Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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