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1. What is Social Contract Theory and what are its strengths and weaknesses - Essay Example

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The American constitution believes that the country exists to serve the will of people. The term “Social Contract” is first mentioned by Plato in his writings. However, it is the English Philosopher Thomas…
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1. What is Social Contract Theory and what are its strengths and weaknesses
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Extract of sample "1. What is Social Contract Theory and what are its strengths and weaknesses"

Download file to see previous pages The social contract theory suggests that men being self interested can dominate his will in a civic society and hence a contract can avail justice.
The social contract theory emphasis on the origin of the society. Social contract theory is a concept theory which is used in political science, sociology and philosophy. It is an implicit agreement between the state and citizens of the country to stay within the society without violating the contract. Social contract theory relies on an anthropological conception that man is either “good” or “evil”. The most famous philosophers of social contract theory are Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and Jean – Jacques Rousseau. It is a theory which has its ground on democracy. According to this theory, the people abide by law to live in peace and harmony in a society.
Social contract theory is a philosophical idea which propagates maintenance of society and law. According to this theory people in a state abide by a contract to agree upon laws and rules to live in a society. Usually it is a government which will enforce these laws in a society or state. The theory suggests that if someone violates the rules then he will punish. This contract theory can be changed if the people believe that the law needs a change. Social contract theory implies that without it the society will be in chaos and people would act according to their wishes and desires. For example, in case of natural disaster like flood or hurricane people would do whatever they like as no one is there to enforce law in a confused situation.
The society need a contractual obligation which makes the responsible towards their action in the society and the social contract theory advocates it. Social contract theory explains that for a secured society a contract is necessary between citizens and state. Since men are born free, he has a tendency to violate natural laws and create conflicts and brutalities in a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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