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Apart from tourism, culture is an important aspect in geographical identity. People can be identified by behaviour, dress code and way of self…
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Culture and development
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Topic: Culture and development Culture and development Cultural diversity has recently turned out to be one of the most commons sources of tourist attraction in many parts of the world. Apart from tourism, culture is an important aspect in geographical identity. People can be identified by behaviour, dress code and way of self expressions which are all associated with cultural diversity (Kim 30)1. Culture is an important aspect in human social and economic development as it portrays the goodness of capitalism, equality in the human environment and the triumphs of many states over imperialism and poverty.
Many communities in the developing countries view culture as a form of developing sustainable livelihood. In this case most governments in these regions of the world strive to empower cultural heritage tourism through funding the indigenous art and design industries. This is in order to encourage local communities to maintain their cultures as it can act as a form of social entrepreneurship. West Bengal in eastern India is one of the regions in the world which have embraced the notion of social entrepreneurship in building community wealth (Chaudhury 162). The region is rich in cultural and natural resources. The communities in this region are focused on creative industries which are based on art and culture2. The communities have developed Art Business Hubs which offer cultural products as well as services which basically correlate with their traditions and natural surroundings.
Apart from industrial development, culture acts as a medium in the formation of social capital. Social capital helps in the development of local industries through local investment as it promotes communal reliability (Thyer 77). People tend to form communal organizations which fund and market their cultural products thus utilizing natural beauty and architectural heritage to increase revenue generation and employment3.
Culture is a key entity in the fight against ethnicity. It promotes diversity thus leading to the formation of a global village which is a positive factor in business and economic development. Therefore, culture is essential in both local and international development.
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