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HISTORY( read carefully and then start writing the paper) - Essay Example

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During that time, democracy was alien and very young. There was gender inequality, rights violation and political system that was mediocre. But situations have changed and democracy in America is at its…
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HISTORY( read carefully and then start writing the paper)
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Extract of sample "HISTORY( read carefully and then start writing the paper)"

Download file to see previous pages Democracy in real sense does not have 1 singular meaning. It is made of parts or components in order for it to be complete. Many countries have not experienced democracy especially Africa, Middle East, some Asian nations and so on. In this essay I will dwell on America’s democracy, I will devour the origin and the steps it took in order to build up the democracy. Democracy is made up of four parts-:
That is democracy as known by most Americans. Before all these freedoms that populace enjoy came about, there were processes. America has crawled for years to where it is now, and along the way it was fortunate enough to have presidents like Lincoln who by all might and wisdom had the guts to safeguard democracy when logic defied this.
The civil war was democratic journey undertaken painfully. This Civil War of 1830s that was feared in America was a conflict between liberal and the conservative factions.  Each side had the potential of field militias and European-style armies.  The incredible similarity on the opposing sides, in each region, directed them into blood loss and bitterness. The conservatives and the liberals fought it out in 1830s. This war spread in every part of North America. However, the bloodiest fighting was centered in Mexico. Their enemy answers to the question revealed what those parties were actually fighting about:  
That was in the 18th century, but the match to full democracy matched on to 21st century, martin Luther led a revolution of sorts in fighting for equality, it was also bloody and unethical but the match had to continue. This was done in pursuance of the above named components which we can say, they have been achieved. For democracy to exist some cultural beliefs, such as the responsibility of women in society and the role of the poor in society, had to change indefinitely (Richard & Gaston, 56-58). Back then around 18th the rich were gods while the poor were not viewed as people ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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