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Describe a political job - Essay Example

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The position requires the setting of revenue estimates and parameters from the finance department and makes recommendations for the budgetary process (NEOGOV). The position…
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Describe a political job
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Extract of sample "Describe a political job"

Module Senior Budget Analyst: Huntington Beach, California of the Position: This job involves performing of special duties for the city administrator. The position requires the setting of revenue estimates and parameters from the finance department and makes recommendations for the budgetary process (NEOGOV). The position also requires close liaison with the staff from the budget department to ensure that they are in line with the budgetary requirements.
Educational Requirements and Experience: This position considers applicants with a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and three years experience in the field of public policy. Alternatively, candidates can have a masters’ degree in Public Administration and a one-year experience in public work (NEOGOV). Applicants should have proficient computer skills and have some knowledge in policy and budgetary analysis.
Skills: To start with, applicants must have clear oral and written skills. Secondly, they must demonstrate the ability to work on call support and on long work schedules. Thirdly, individuals should possess aptitude to provide information on policy development. Finally, they should have adept computer skills (NEOGOV). Additionally, management prefers applicants who are excellent writers, proficient public speakers, creative problem solvers, able to work within a team and focused towards delivering non- partisan public policy functions.
Salary Range: This is a full time employment that promotes one analytical and presentation skills while getting a generous salary. The monthly salary ranges from $6,457.00 - $7,999.00 (NEOGOV).
Application Process: All candidates applying for this position are required to submit their CVs, Application letters and Testimonials to the website: (NEOGOV). However, they are required to create an account on this site to login.

Work Cited
NEOGOV. ‘Senior Budget Analyst.’ City of Huntington Beach, California. Read More
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Describe a Political Job Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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