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Visual Strategies to Convey Political Information - Essay Example

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Visual Strategies to Convey Political Information Politics can be defined as the struggle or activities involved to be in power. Artists can use cartoons, pictures, plays, paintings or conversations to symbolize politics since in many nations, both in ancient and modern world, politics is very sensitive and when tackled directly using specific names or persons could raise emotions…
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Visual Strategies to Convey Political Information
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Download file to see previous pages The image showing a captive without pacho (traditional clothing) shows how prisoners or captives were treated in that land. For a human being to be denied the right to be properly clothed is a sense of humiliation or disrespect in the society. Looking at the picture, it is evident that the prisoners in the land of Israel were treated as useless or rather insignificant. The fact that they lack clothing can also portray that prisoners were not allowed to be in social places. Captives were not allowed to participate in various political activities like voting, inheriting power from their fathers as well as other social activities like wedding. The fear between the Palestine and the Israelis is clearly portrayed when the author says he could see Israelis who were soldiers as well as settlers through the eyes of two Israeli ladies he stood with. It can be drawn that all Israelis men underwent basic military training and for one to acknowledge or recognize a soldier at first sight, it means the soldiers had a unique way of dressing through dresses incorporated with swords, their sandals, helmets, and horses. It can also be said that the Israelis were ever ready or alert to protect their soil from their enemies who were mainly Palestine. This fear is further shown when the author invites his new friend so that he could show her the Palestine he saw. He reveals that there was some kind of fear or tension when they passed near an Israeli who is between Palestinians or surrounded by them. From this, it can be drawn that the Israelis and the Palestinians were not in good terms. He lived with the Palestinians for a while and they were kind and friendly to him. However, the moments he is with the Israeli lady, things change and they are no longer kind to him. This shows that the hatred between the two groups was imminent. He explains further that the Palestinians were not pleased with the Israeli lady walking in their market. First, they did not believe a woman could walk that free; women were not regarded important and did not enjoy the same privileges as men. Secondly, by seeing the Israeli lady in their territory, they felt under siege. This could have been the main cause of the conflict between the two groups. The author describes how the Israelis treated their enemies who were Palestinians. He uses a character named Ghassan and describes all the activities that followed after his capture. The character was interviewed then subjected to torture. It can be drawn that the Israelis were not kind to the Palestinians. The author uses the hooded character Ghassan to represent the Palestinians held captive in the Israelis’ territory. Hood is a kind of clothing that covers the entire head and ears meaning the captives were to remain ignorant on what was happening around them; they were isolated and blinded so that they could not recognize their torturers, hence, they could not testify against them. The picture of the torture room portrays the ruthless and inhuman treatment Ghassan experienced. The struggling voice of the character and the silent body language simply shows how traumatized the victim is. The hood also symbolizes some form of unease among the captives. Moving around with the hood also reveals some degree of entrapment ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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