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Environmental Graphic Design: It's Importance and Affection in Human Life - Essay Example

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The form of communication in graphic design can be physical or virtual including images and colors. The great significance of graphic design and architecture is that it is a…
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Environmental Graphic Design: Its Importance and Affection in Human Life
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Extract of sample "Environmental Graphic Design: It's Importance and Affection in Human Life"

Download file to see previous pages Graphic design and architecture help in the public transportation network with way finding and information systems to make life easier in the community and the cities. There are diverse opportunities and benefits for environmental graphic design solutions like enabling the residents have faster information related to the topography to reach their destinations faster1.
Graphic design plays a grand role in addressing some individual problem in the urban area making life easier and interesting. Initiating the strategies of sequencing and layering with environmental graphic design tactics strengthen the overall design and the particular message being passed. Practical design planning and the application of the environmental design solutions designers would visually communicate moiré effectively to the public to solve some significant problems. Environmental graphics is important to the community in the indoor and the outdoor applications depending on the purpose of the design2.
Indoor applications include internal spaces of all the administrative, commercial buildings, subway, and exhibitions in which the information transmission is through shapes, board, and letters. Outdoor applications of the environmental graphic design include the parks, a path of streets, and all the open spaces in the society. These places influence human lives like the warning signs in the city parks, window shops decorations, entrance boards of the big malls, and traffic signs the city. Graphic design and architecture have important specific roles to play in the society morally, politically, socially and culturally.
Presentation of diagrams is critical in thinking, problem solving, and communication in the design perspectives. In architecture, drawings are the preliminary form of representation carrying the design from conception to construction. They are mostly applicable in the mechanical and civil engineering operations for physical planning purposes. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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