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Why irrational will affect design identity: the relationship between artwork and the public reaction - Essay Example

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In the movie Avatar, a group of scientist and human explorers go to another planet. In the planet, the director intended to create other species that were completely different from humans. …
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Why irrational will affect design identity: the relationship between artwork and the public reaction
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Why irrational will affect design identity: the relationship between artwork and the public reaction

Download file to see previous pages... After sitting down with the films graphic designers, it was hard to come out with a clear picture of how the other planet would look like. Their main question was whether to create a planet that has been transformed and modified by the creatures such as our earth or to create a natural planet that had no modification at all. The representation of the creatures that were present in the planet was also important. They had to represent the organisms in the planet in such a way that they would look unique and admirable by people. The director being one of the most respected directors in the movie industry spent almost two decades writing the movie and creating how the movie will look like. Rationality was one of the key questions that were to be tackled to ensure that people watching the movie did not have negative judgments about the planet and the creatures. Any mistake made in the rationality would mean a waste of all the time spent in coming up with the storyline and the amount that had been spent. The storyline was great and all that was needed were graphics that could bring out the story in a more realistic and natural way. Challenges The main challenges that existed were that there was no one who had any idea about in creature that existed outside the planet. This meant that everything had to be imagined and made to look like it was real. However, the images had to blend to something that was not familiar at all to the human race. The other major problem that existed in the creation of the images is that since the beginning of the writing, there had been no software available in the market that could be used to create the visualized images. This means that they had to look for software that could be used to create images that were unique to this movie alone. Coloring was also a problem; the producers were confused on the theme color to use in the movie to ensure that the color blended with the environment and the overall nature of the planet. The color was also supposed to draw attention to the viewer and match with all the other factors of the movie. The next problem that the production team faced was whether to choose an irrational image to represent the new found creatures or if they could use a rational image. Using a rational image was a good idea but it would not create much suspense as using an irrational image for representation (Teit 233). They were therefore torn apart on the type of graphical images that could be effective in making the movie the best selling movie at that particular time. Actions taken After thorough analysis of all the available options, the directors decided to settle on green to be the theme color of the movie. This made it possible for people to relate the planet with the natural state of our planet earth. The color was also able to blend in with almost every part of the new chosen environment. The next thing that the directors did was to choose an irrational visual representation of the creatures that existed in the planet. The creatures were made to look like the feared human ogres; huge, tall and very ugly with different shapes on the faces. Anyone could notice the actual resemblance of the creatures to primitive primate that exists on earth with the only difference being that they could reason. The question still remains why the producers never created angel like creatures that people would look at and admire. Instead they chose to represent the creatures with an ugly resemblance of primates. The question is answered deep within the human subconscious mind in which humans think and react to different situations based on whether they are rational or irrational. In most cases, humans tend to like irrational images ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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