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Emotional Lives in Contemporary Lawn Firms - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Emotional Lives in Contemporary Lawn Firms” the author focuses on the emotion work performed by bill collectors, customer service representatives, flight attendants, health care professionals, and lawyers. Emotion work explains the often hidden facets of the relational work done by persons…
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Emotional Lives in Contemporary Lawn Firms
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Extract of sample "Emotional Lives in Contemporary Lawn Firms"

Download file to see previous pages Little is discussing the racial character of emotion work. Studies of emotion work have actually been basically founded on a single-elemental perception of classification about both gender and class. Modestly examined is the way emotion work is positioned in concurrently ensuing gendered, class-based and racialized orders. Non-recognition of the employees’ emotion work concerning their social situations has placed knowledge restrictions on emotion work range which is needed by people living in diverse social and economic backgrounds (Mirchandani, 2003). For over two decades, Hochschild’s classic book, The Managed Heart (1983) has highlighted the various analyses of emotion work by intellectuals from various disciplines and of mixed standpoints. Emotion work is an all-embracing term surfacing from the literature and is described as the paid and unpaid jobs that include the application of emotions to assist work-associated duties needed in and out of a workplace, in addition to the employees’ personal emotion management within the workplace. All emotion work "typically necessitate contact with other people external to or within the organization, usually involving face-to-face or voice-to-voice" (Steinberg & Figart, 1999, p.8). Hochschild labels emotion work done for a salary as “emotion labor” and describes this as “the act of trying to change in degree or quality an emotion or feeling” (1979, p. 561). The emotion labor of flight attendants thus involves ‘trying to feel the right feeling for the job’ (Hochschild, 1983, p. 118). Hochschild’s analysis of the flight attendants’ emotion work highlights the commencement of the progress of versatile writing on the emotion work essential in several paid jobs. There are three interrelated, diverse job categories typified as emotion work, namely, the control of one’s feelings, the work of making people feel in a particular manner, and the challenge concerned in providing meaning to a person’s work. To make others feel a certain way is an employee’s way to describe his/her work. In the same way, the endorsement of certain definitions of one’s work may well be a way of handling one’s personal feelings (Mirchandani, 2003). “Emotional labor is the buying of an employee’s emotional demeanor; the individual is being paid to look nice, smile, be caring, be polite” (Fineman, 1996, p. 546). Moreover, philosophers present evidence of the information that employees might experience anxiety and inaccuracy while there is a disconnection between the manner they are predicted to feel and the way they truly feel (Thoits, 1990). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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