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Rhetorical Appeals in Editorials - Essay Example

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The paper «Rhetorical Appeals in Editorials” discusses the use of such artistic receptions for greater expressiveness as pathos (the emotional appeal to the reader, e.g. the father’s desire to get closer to the kid); ethos (e.g., the referring to the news agency as a reliable news source) etc…
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Rhetorical Appeals in Editorials
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Download file to see previous pages Although the hospitals have their emergency rules as well as total accord privacy to the woman especially since she is in labor-men would feel that they are left out that most laws favor women.
Another instance of pathos occurs when the author empathizes with the estranged ex-fiancée, arguing that it would be embarrassing to have a man with whom they have separated being forced to watch her as she goes through the pain of childbirth. Not only would this embarrass her, but it would also remind her of their intimate moments before they broke up. Reference to intimacy is another use of pathos (emotional appeal of the reader). Use of ethos occurs since the guest blogger works for a reputable publisher-the Los Angeles Times. The news agency is a reputable newsroom and people would easily believe the credibility and accuracy of the publications (Behrens & Leonard 27). This makes the whole story believable and very appealing to the readership.
Use of logos occurs when the author mentions that devoid of emotions and blame-game, it is always the right of hospital management to reserve the right of entry into hospitals. Fathers are always required to wait outside, not to be in the maternity room. Common sense demands that hospital patients’ feelings are respected. Logic would require that as a father, Plotnick is present during birth because he is the father of the unborn baby (Behrens & Leonard 81). This is an example of logos. Use of logos occur when the author argues that the case should have been dismissed; that in fact, there was no need to file a case since the laws are clear: hospital privacy laws deal with communications and records and gives the patient an upper hand (in this case the pregnant woman) as regards their absolute privacy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Rhetorical Appeals in Editorials Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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